Top 10 Things You MUST Know Nov. 10 – Nov. 16

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businessplanning_300Here are the top 10 things you MUST know the week of November 10 – November 16, 2013:

1. How To Start A Business In 10 Days

Did you know that you could start a business and make it profitable in a matter of weeks? In the article above, freelance writer David Port explains how a handful of successful people were able to start their business fast and more important, how they were able to do it right.

2. 5 Ways To Create A Social Media Savvy, Shareable Opt-In Offer

If you’re like a lot of people who own their own business, then you probably have an email list that you email about new products and events you have coming up on a weekly or even a daily basis. But in order to really grow your business through email, you need to have a way to generate new leads. This is where social media comes in. But the question is, “how can you use social media to grow your email list?” In the article above, Nathalie Lussier tells you in great detail how to create an opt-in offer that is built to be shared on social media and thus can improve your results AND increase your revenue.

3. Is Reposted Content The Secret To More Page Views?

When you talk to most online publishers and creators, they will probably tell you the more content you have, the more clicks and page views your website/blog will get. In the article above, Los-Angeles based reporter Adam Popescu tells you more about a report that recently came out that says that reposted content receives almost as many page views as original content.

4. The Most Powerful, Overlooked Marketing Strategy On Earth

Do you want to skyrocket your sales this year and beyond? Then you need to read the article above from Strategic Profits Founder Rich Schefren. I promise that once you read it, you will immediately know what you have to do to make more money and finally get the momentum you need for your business.

5. How To Make $10,000,000 Selling Information

In the video above, founder and CEO of Digital Marketer Ryan Deiss shares with you how people like him are making millions selling information. He also covers some other fun stuff that has happened in his life, such as how he almost went bankrupt and lost everything.

6. Ingredients To Building A Thriving Business 

If you’re like us here at Thriving Business, then you probably want to build a thriving business that can last for many, many years. The question is, how do you go about doing that? Well, in the article above, Brooklyn Cupcake Inc. CEO Carmen Rodriguez gives you the ingredients you need to build your own thriving business.

7. The Business Blogger’s Guide To Dealing With Content Theft

It is never pleasant to discover that your content has been stolen. And, sorting out content issues can be tricky. So the question is, “how can you prevent your content from being stolen in the future AND is there any way you can get any benefit from it being stolen?” In the article above, Business Winners Founder Ericka Bergeson shows you how to deal with content theft with a simple but effective step-by-step process.

8. 7 Signs Your Customer Service Is Terrible

Customer service can be a real challenge for small to mid-sized business owners. Why? Because people who are in customer service positions rarely produce any direct income and are often some of the lowest-paid, least trained staff on hand. AND, these underpaid, undertrained people are responsible for the majority of your company’s interactions with customers. With that being said, I think it’s safe to say that good customer service is crucial for a business’ survival. But because you can’t keep an eye on customer service at all times, what can you do to maintain high customer service standards? In the article above, writer and public speaker Jason Brick tells you more about 7 warning signs to look out for when it comes to your customer service.

9. Sam Walton’s Rules For Success

Sam Walton, the legendary founder of Wal-Mart, had 10 rules for running a successful business. And I bet you that many businesses don’t follow his rules – even though they’d probably be better off if they did. So, do yourself a favor. Check out Walton’s rules for success in the article above and see how you can fit them into YOUR business plan.

10. How Much To Pay Remarkable Employees

Have you ever found someone for your business that is truly outstanding, but you weren’t sure how much to pay him or her? In the article above, Inc. contributing writer Jeff Haden explains why normal pay rules don’t apply when it comes to remarkable employees.

(This issue was written by staff reporter Steven Ward.)

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