Part 1: How To Make 2013 The Best Year Ever

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Issue-176-Choices-#4-Revisedsize300Every decision we make, no matter how small we think it is at the time, changes the direction of our life.

Some examples include:

Whether or not to go to college.

Who we marry.

To drive after drinking, or not. (This one hits a personal chord for me, and I will share my entire DUI story later).

To work for someone else or step out on our own.

Who we spend our time with.

Every single choice we make has an impact, and they’ve led us to where we are… right here… right now… today.

Let’s have some fun with this.

Share an example of a choice you’ve made that’s altered the course of your life.

I’m thinking that this will be the beginning of an incredible conversation, and you’ll want to keep checking back so you can stay in the loop.

As we continue moving forward, I’ll be opening up and sharing some examples from my own life as well.

And as I do, I’m going to walk you through a process I’ve discovered that will set the stage for 2013 being your best year EVER.

So go ahead…

Take a moment now and think about one choice that has altered the course of your life.

I recently asked my subscribers this same question, and here are some of the responses that I got.

Caryn told us how she realized the dream she’s had since she was 17 years old was to live in Paris, France.

Andy told us how he left the oil and gas world to start an online business where he’s developed a social mobile app for smartphones.

Joel told us about how his last minute choice to NOT join the Air Force led to meeting his incredible wife who he’s now been married to for 36 years.

Patricia shared her decision to bike across America at age 67 to raise money for charity.

Joe, who was a pastor, told us about his choice to have an affair and how that choice changed the course of his life forever.

Dee told us about her decision to rescue a dog from the shelter and how that dog completely changed her life.

Anna told us about the choice she made to work out the things in her life that were holding her back from meeting that special man, and once she did, the man of her dreams appeared in her life.

Debbie told us about her choice to stop smoking after she survived a heart attack and was given a second lease on life.

Victor told us about his choice in 1992 to leave a good paying job and take out $50,000.00 in student loans so he could pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer. In doing so, he also met his wife of 17 years (and counting) on his first day of law school.

I’ve briefly shared the choices of 9 people who posted their experiences on my blog.

Yet as I mentioned, there were many more who shared their life altering choices.

You can see all of the comments by Going Here (a new window will open so you don’t lose your spot on this page).


My question, and my challenge to you is this…

Of all the comments on the blog, I chose to share 9 of them with you.

Why did I do that?

Of all the comments they posted, what made me choose these 9 to use as examples?

What do you think my reasoning is?

In part 2 of this article, I’ll share my reasoning with you.  I’ll also walk you through the process that I discovered that could make 2013 your best year ever.

Click here to read Part 2 of this article now.

Kevin Thompson is known as “The Automatic Income Coach”.  He is a small-town “average Joe” from Arlington, Washington who discovered the secret to having a home-based – worldwide business that runs on autopilot and gives his family the “dream lifestyle”… Now Kevin swears… “I’m On A Mission To Show YOU How I Did It,” And How You Too Can Have The Same Lifestyle For Yourself!

*Originally published as Issue #176 on March 12, 2013

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