LinkedIn: The Untapped Gold Mine

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Businesses can gain a lot of exposure in a short period of time by leveraging the power of social media. Sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter can turn a newsworthy product into a household name, sometimes overnight. The same is true about the social network of LinkedIn.

With over 116 million users, LinkedIn is a hub for the business world. With LinkedIn, a business owner can network with other industry professionals, target new customers, keep in touch with people who care most about your business, find vendors, and even get answers to tough business questions. This is much different than what you traditionally find with Facebook.

With Facebook, users chat about what they are currently doing in their personal lives…from what they just did on their recent vacation, chatting with friends, where they are going for dinner, or even telling jokes. The community is a bit more relaxed than what you typically find with LinkedIn.

As a business owner, you may be wondering why you should have a presence on another social platform like LinkedIn? Well, it’s simple. LinkedIn is another way to gain visibility for your business, especially if you are utilizing a LinkedIn “Company Page.”

A Company Page provides to two benefits:

1.  Assuming you have employees, your employees can frequently update their profiles to show where they work. This means that every time a user reads a profile from one of your employees, the user learns a little about your business since your company name is listed in their profile. If the user likes what they see, they may then click on your company name and be navigated to your Company Page to learn more about your business.

2.  A Company Page provides a section for talking about your product or services. While you can create a business page on Facebook where you can describe your various products or services and see which friends “like” the page, LinkedIn’s business page is different.

LinkedIn actually allows you to add multiple products so that each product stands out. This allows consumers to learn about the products and services your company produces, as well as it allows them to see how many other people recommend your business. Talk about product awareness.

Here’s an example of what we have done so far with LinkedIn on our Thriving Business Page.

So, if you don’t already have a LinkedIn Company Page, then follow these five easy steps to create a Company Page for your business.

Step 1: Add Your Company

To get started, first login to LinkedIn by using your primary email address and password for your personal profile. Once logged in, go to the “Companies” menu. From there, select “Add Company” and enter the company name and your email address at this company.

Then, check the box to verify if you are the official representative of the company. You will then be sent an email from LinkedIn to verify the account. Follow the instructions in the email to link to your company page.

Step 2: Add Basic Information To Your Company Profile

Once linked to your company page, the next step is to add basic information to your company profile. You can do this under the first tab on the page called “Overview.”

This basic information includes when your company was founded, the number of employees, corporate web site URL, a brief description of your company, as well a list of company specialties where you can add keywords for which you want to be found.

You can also upload your company logo, add a blog or feed URL for your company, and add a Twitter handle for your company or any employee whose tweets you want to appear.

Once your basic information is complete, you then publish your Company Page by hitting the “Publish” button. If you need to go back and update your basic information, simply click on the “Admin Tools” tab and select “Edit.”

After your basic information is the way you want it, the next step is to post any openings you may have at your company.

Step 3: Post Jobs On Your Company Page

The second tab on your Company Page is the “Careers” tab. This tab allows you to post any job openings at your company. While your company may already advertise in other channels as to employment opportunities, this is a perfect place to announce that you are hiring.

If your business does not have any employees or if you are not hiring, then skip this step and go directly to Step 4.

Step 4: List Your Product & Services On Your Company Page

The third tab on your Company Page is the “Products & Services” tab. This is where you can leverage your customer network to get the word out about your products and services. You simply click on the “Add Product & Service” button and follow LinkedIn’s interface.

You will then see 11 steps you can then complete to list and promote your product or service. Once done, hit the “Publish” button to publish your Company Page within the LinkedIn community. Repeat these same steps for each product or service you offer before proceeding to Step 5.

You have now successfully created a Company Page that you can measure and track. This can be done with the fourth and final tab on your Company Page, the “Analytics” tab.

Step 5: Review & Measure The Success Of Your Company Page

The “Analytics” tab is a feature you can use to determine whether or not your Company Page is increasing the visibility of your business within LinkedIn.

Specifically, the “Analytics” tab allows you to track page views and unique visitors on your overall page, as well as each individual tab. You can also see how many clicks your products or services have received and the number of members following your company. This information helps you to understand who your LinkedIn target audience is.

Voila! Your Company Page is done.  Now you have everything you need right inside this article to get your LinkedIn Company Page setup quickly.

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*Originally published as Issue # 66 – February 3, 2012

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