How To Stay Motivated When The Money Isn’t Quite Coming In Yet

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How To Stay Motivated When The Money Isn't Quite Coming In YetMost entrepreneurs who are in startup phase don’t see the money come into the bank for quite some time. And as the biz owner with the bills to pay, a few months with no revenue can seem like an eternity.

Many business owners in this situation begin to feel stressed and overwhelmed about having nothing to show for all of their hard work, and then suddenly they want to GIVE UP and go back to a miserable life in a, dare I say, J-O-B!

Staying motivated in this situation is hard, but it’s exactly what you need to keep working toward your goal. So today, I thought it would be fitting to share 3 of my personal strategies for staying motivated while the money isn’t quite coming into the bank…

1.  Create a Social Circle of Other Like Minded Entrepreneurs

I have found that having other entrepreneur friends (especially ones who are interested in what I do) keeps me extremely motivated about my own business.
When I moved back to Baltimore to join my family biz in 2009, Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle, I only had one friend in town. Just one.

I made it my mission to seek out and find like-minded entrepreneurs, and people like me, who I could hang with, shoot the sh*t, and talk biz here and there. How did I do that?!

A few times a month we all meet for fun, but regardless of meeting for social reasons, we always end up chatting about our business and bouncing around ideas.

It is so important for our emotional health to connect with others who are like us and share our same passions and dreams, and joining an entrepreneur group is a great place to start (plus, who knows…you may even meet a few new clients)

Look for a meetup group in your area of other like-minded entrepreneurs, or if there aren’t any, start your own!

2.  Stay Focused and On Task

When all of the energy you are putting into your business isn’t yielding results, it can be easy to want to stray from your plan, or worse, want to give up. This in fact will be even MORE dangerous for your business! If you are in this place, it is important to take some time to reanalyze your plan, adjust your needs, and then set action tasks to keep you moving forward.

A place you might want to start is by asking these two questions…

1) What am I going to sell?

2) How am I going to sell it?

Asking these two questions will help you to stay focused on the money generating tasks you need to do to build your business (instead of the tasks that won’t yield direct results, like changing up your logo or color coding your calendar). When you answer these two questions you will get clarity about what it is you need to do and where you need to take action first so that you can stay on track.

3.  Focus on the Goal

Why is it you started your business? You want a better life for you and your family? Maybe you want extra money to travel the world?

A few years ago I created something I call a “Why I Work So Damn Hard Board”.  (Most people create a vision board to help them turn their dreams into reality, but I think vision boards are a little woo woo!)

But I have a “Why I Work So Damn Hard” board to remind me of, well, why I am working so damn hard!

It reminds me of my “why” and motivates me to take the steps to turn my own dream into reality.  (After all, my dreams and my goals are my responsibility and nobody is going to make them come to life but me).

So, why do I work so damn hard? Allow me to share:


It wasn’t until I figured out my whys that I was able to achieve success. Without a why, you have nothing to work towards. Think about it.

Whatever it is, remember that you are working hard for something much more than money, and while you most likely need the money to get to that point, staying focused on the “why” behind the reason you started your business will help keep you motivated and moving forward.

Mara Glazer is a marketing and social media strategist, public speaker, and like many of her fans, followers, and friends, a highly successful woman entrepreneur. Mara started in her industry working alongside her father, Bill Glazer, at the company he founded, Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle (GKIC). Since then, she has been featured in hundreds of marketing training videos, traveled the country speaking about marketing and money making, and has launched two sister companies, and Mara Glazer: marketing + social media consulting. is Mara’s daily e-mail publishing company known for delivering business breakthroughs daily to an active community of women entrepreneurs.

*Originally published as Issue # 165 on February 13, 2013

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