How A Few Magic Minutes Will Change Your Life

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magic-wand_240It’s not easy to be focused for a week, a month or longer – but it is easy to be focused for a day.

It’s around this time of year that most New Year’s resolutions made with great intent and enthusiasm will have been broken.  Diets started and not followed through, smokers still smoking, exercises regimes unfilled.  Yet, at the turn of the year, it all seemed so achievable – and actually, it was. I know this from personal experience, having made New Year’s resolutions in the past and not followed through, getting back to my old ways by the time February came around.

This year, however, has been different!  Since 1st January, I’ve managed to lose 17lbs in weight and I’m on a trajectory that’s self sustaining and really energizing – and it’s down to the power of Magic Minutes.

Magic Minutes are the first few wide-awake minutes of every day, before the day starts where I log into Magic Future, look at my vision board, check off habits from the day before and review my goals and actions ahead.

As Jim Rohn said “never begin your day until it’s finished on paper” – but now we don’t only have paper to do this, we have online tools like Magic Future, and the convenience of a mobile often with us.

So why do Magic Minutes work?

It’s quite simple – it’s easy to do something for just a few minutes each day. It’s important to do it before you get into your day and the day takes over. A little bit of focus at the beginning of the day and the energy that comes from reviewing a brighter future is a great way to launch yourself into the day with enthusiasm, but with discipline and focus on what you need to do that day. All you then need to do is repeat the process tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and so on.

It’s easy to be disciplined for a day, but harder to be disciplined for a week and harder still to be disciplined for a month – and that’s the reason that so many New Year’s resolutions are now broken. A great example of the success of this simple formula is Alcoholics Anonymous, which has enjoyed global success and helped millions of people addicted to alcohol to stop drinking – and how do they do it? By taking one day at a time!

The other great benefit of Magic Minutes is how they keep you in tune with your desired direction of travel. Doing this on a daily basis is a really effective way to avoid being taken off course.

So, no matter how your year has started, if you want to join me in having your most successful year yet, set your goals, habits, and a vision. Review your Magic Number and then keep it simple. Start each day with some Magic Minutes and enjoy the success that it brings!

Stefan Wissenbach is an entrepreneur who is passionate about personal growth. He grew up in a poor but happy household before going on to build and sell several companies and create a successful consultancy business, providing advice and guidance to wealthy private individuals. He attributes his success to learning basic principles that anyone can master. He believes that everyone should have the chance to Take Control, Achieve More and Love Life and created Magic Future to make this possible.

 * Originally published as Issue #213 on August 6, 2013.

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