Hot Dogs, Root Beer, And Peeling Potatoes Made Me Who I Am

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Burger-&-Fries_250At the age of 12, I proudly became a potato peeler.

Every summer, I would go to the local drive-in six days a week to scrub and peel potatoes.

Yes, read that again.

At TWELVE YEARS OLD, I had a full time job. I felt like I was in heaven. Most kids today would whine and complain about that, even if they were paid a lot of money.

Boy have the times changed.

I didn’t know it at the time, but we grew up very poor. My father was a hard working tractor mechanic and farmer. He would work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. I saw pure work ethic played out in front of me every day.

I’ll never forget that.

His cut for all his back-breaking work?

$10 and a pack of cigarettes.

My mom made sure the rest of the $150 per week he made went to feed a family of 6.

This could be viewed as a sad story. But to me, it’s a story of triumph and a story that makes me proud. It’s the base that formed me into the bad ass attorney and business leader I am today.

From Girl Scout cookie selling champion to law school to being mistaken for Monica Lewinsky, I have a million stories to tell.

I’ll be sharing a lot of them here in our daily emails. As Denise wrote yesterday, we have decided it’s time to show more of who we really are (warts, bad decisions, and all) and have more fun with our business.

We both have hard won lessons that can benefit you, so we are going to share them.

Some of you will hate it. Some of you will love it.

We are ok with both.

No matter what, we are gonna be real. We are gonna be US.

I highly recommend you do the same in your business.

As my good friend Matt says, “No one wants to sit down and have a beer with a corporation.”

But I KNOW you will want to sit down and have a beer (or glass of wine) with us.

Just wait ’til you hear my story about being bedridden and unable to walk because of my brother’s Big Wheel. That one’s a doozy!  :)

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And oh yeah, I forgot to mention something. If you are ever in the 700 person metropolis of Royal Center, Indiana, make sure to check out the local drive-in. They still have great fries. They are worth a stop. Yummy!  :)

*Published on April 25, 2013 

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