Facebook Fakers And Other Social Media Shockers

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Shocker_180“You do what?” I asked Cathy, a young lady who had just informed me that her occupation was teaching people how to be authentic on Facebook and Twitter.

“That’s right, I teach people – more specifically, women – how to be themselves on social networking sites. That way they can connect and really bond with their customers… which of course helps them make more money.”

Still not grasping the concept, I replied, “Isn’t that a bit of an oxymoron? I mean, I just don’t understand how YOU can teach someone ELSE to be THEMSELVES. Because wouldn’t THEY in fact know how to be THEMSELVES better than YOU would?”

Her obvious frustration showed as she replied huffily, “You clearly don’t understand what’s happening with Facebook today. What I really do is teach women how to portray themselves in their best light.”

Okay, my turn again. “Then, in fact, you are not really teaching people how to be authentic. You are teaching them how to act so they can make more money.”

“Exactly,” she said.

“Faker,” I said.

Kiss, Kiss or KaChing, KaChing

Are you as sick and tired as I am of the fakeness on Facebook?

Now, don’t get me wrong. A lot of wonderful people use Facebook. Generous, giving people who want to connect with friends and help anyone they can.

And then there are the fakers!

You know who I mean. The ones who constantly preach how much money they make and how happy they are. And of course they just love everyone.

Unfortunately, many of these people really lead miserable lives… do not have successful careers… and talk smack about their “friends” behind their backs.

These are the same people who complain about others promoting themselves… only to do it 10 times more often!

And every time I see a post like this one, I want to scream!

Be happy!! Irritate The Heck Out Of Negative People Around You!”

But instead of screaming, I simply hit that little “x” that removes this person from my life and think, “Another faker.”

You see, a really happy person would not want to go out of her way to irritate people. As a matter of fact, a truly happy person would go out of her way to help a negative person.

Sadly enough, my opinion of Facebook seems to be a growing trend among women in general. Especially working moms, who simply do not have the time to live in the land of unicorns.

The Shocking Truth About Social Networks Like Facebook

Here are the shocking facts that you as a marketer need to embrace.

Shocking Fact #1: In a recent study from Burke Research, women find niche communities more valuable than sites like Facebook.

The study found that women can still socialize with friends and family, share information, and give advice on these niche community sites in the same way they can on Facebook… But they have the added value of having more in common with other members of community-based sites.

Shocking Fact #2: The same study also found that women trusted the niche sites most, especially for information on brands and products, and they felt the people on women’s sites were most qualified to understand their needs.

Shocking Fact #3: This study went on to say that social networks like Facebook, by contrast, were seen as less useful, less trustworthy, and more of a waste of time.

This study clearly states that Facebook is most valuable to consumers as a means of keeping in touch with friends and family; it’s also a source of entertainment.

As a marketer, you would exude more credibility advertising your eBook on alternative health, for example, on a site like iVilliage than on Facebook. And more credibility leads to better results.

As you continue your marketing efforts this year, don’t put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to advertising dollars. Branch out and test other kinds of websites to find the right customers for your community. This is the best way to find the customers who embrace your values and who will benefit from your products.

MaryEllen Tribby is the proud Founder and CEO of WorkingMomsOnly, the world’s leading newsletter and website for the empowerment of the working mom. Prior to founding WMO, MaryEllen was Publisher & CEO of Early to Rise where she was responsible for growing the business from $8 million in sales to $26 million in just 15 months. Before that, she served as President of Weiss Research where she led the company to $67 million in sales from $11 million in just 12 months.  

MaryEllen has pioneered an informational marketing business model that’s 500% MORE profitable than blogging. She doesn’t have to create content OR create products, she gets to do what she loves, and she has time to enjoy her family.  Click here for the details.

* Originally published as Issue #208 on July 2, 2013

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