Cop Tells 10-Year-Old Girl Her Chalk Is Criminal Damage

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hopscotch_270Oh man, I’m so PISSED about this story I just read!

Just the other day (On Mother’s Day no less) a cop warned a 10-year-old girl that her sidewalk hopscotch game was illegal and criminal damage.


I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to. Here’s a link to the original article.

Lilly Allen, 10, was playing hopscotch outside her home in Kent, England, when she was approached by police officers that her chalk drawings on the public pavement was criminal:

Lilly’s father Allen told the newspaper:

“Two policemen in a car drove up to her and said it was illegal to draw on the floor as it was criminal damage. I am absolutely seething they have done this.”

Has this world gone crazy?

I hate to start ranting about politics, but this story really affected me. I have a young daughter myself and I would LOSE IT if some cop told her that.

Here’s a statement from the Kent police department:

“We are trying to trace the officers, who are reported to have made this comment. From the circumstances described, it would not appear to have been necessary to advise the young girl that chalking a hopscotch grid may be criminal damage and illegal.”


I can’t get over this. Every time I read that response from the police, I get even angrier.

Now they are even trying to steal our children’s innocence.

All for the sake of “control” or “being tough on crime.”

I mean really. After what we saw in Boston recently, it seems that some of these cops are being trained like robots with no brain and no compassion and no sense of the freedoms we once cherished.

Sure there are a lot of great cops out there, and some of them are my friends.  But there are also a lot of bad ones out there too – as we’ve been seeing a lot lately.

So crazy.

My suggestion to you is to fight back in the best way you can.

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Let me know what you think.

I really hope I’m not alone in my anger about this.

* Published on May 17, 2013

4 Responses

  1. Clive Bygrave says:

    Hi Denise,

    It is ridiculous that a young girl should be treated this way by two Police Officers. It must have been very intimidating. I know that Police are under a lot of pressure to show results from their policing bit this is really taking it too far. Perhaps they have forgotten what it is like to be young and enjoying life(that is if they are older than twelve themselves(or am I just getting old?)).

  2. Constanze says:

    Hi Denise,
    I agree with you, our world is sometimes really crazy. Hopefully we (as human beings) learn soon more and more to strenghten our backbone and stand for our freedom and individuality.

  3. Sandy says:

    Hi Denise, I completely understand your anger. My reaction was even more indignant when I saw the video last year of the school bus monitor (Karen Klein) that was bullied (that is an understatement) by young punks that had no sense of right or wrong and no sense of human compassion. Their “apology” was done out of necessity, not out of regret or shame. This same story however, did bring out the good in our society. An online campaign was set up in response and over $700,000 raised to send her on a vacation. She has now been able to retire as a direct result of other people’s kindness which can, if we all band together, be stronger and more powerful than the crime or the original fault. Unfortunately, there are not always happy endings. Every day there are stories about unthinkable crimes, insane behavior and unfair circumstances. We can only hope and pray. Pray that lessons will be learned and lives strengthened through ways we may never even realize. Pray for those on both sides.

  4. Denise Gosnell says:

    Thanks for your comments Clive, Constanze, and Sandy. You all have great points. And Sandy, thanks for the reminder about the bus driver bullying, and the good that ultimately came out of it. I can only hope that all stories have a silver lining like that – but you’re right that they don’t always turn out that way in the end.

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