6 Cheat Sheets To Writing The Best Headlines Ever

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7-Cheat-Sheets_260The buck stops at the headline… Literally!

Your email marketing, salesletters, tweets, status updates, blog posts, they all hinge on your ability to write a great headline.

If you can’t write a good headline, the game is over before it even began! The email doesn’t get opened, the blog post doesn’t get read, and the  tweet doesn’t get shared.

To help you out, I’ve included some of the best resources I’ve ever found on writing great headlines. In the right hands, these resources could be worth thousands…

Here are 6 cheat sheets you can use to write the best headlines ever:

100 Greatest Headlines Ever Written


Copyblogger.com Headline Templates




Best Headlines Ever Written by Eugene Scwartz – The Picasso of Headlines


Best Headline Brainstorming Session Ever Caught on Tape


There you go. You should never have a problem writing headlines again. You’ve got a mountain of examples to work from, and most of them are the best headlines ever written.

Justin Brooke, CEO of IM Scalable, speaks on stages all across the world and writes for websites all across the web about online marketing strategy. In the last 6 years, Justin and his team have generated billions of ad impressions, millions of page views, and driven millions of dollars in sales. This has attracted an impressive client list that includes best-selling authors, millionaires, musicians, and even pro athletes. Justin’s clients receive 3,000+ clicks per day, which is over a million clicks per year. One client shared that he was profiting $20,000 per week from that traffic. There is not a form of online advertising that Justin and his team can’t handle. Click here if you would like to contact Justin for help with your advertising needs.

* Originally published as Issue #211 on July 23, 2013

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    I love marketing and helping people. I will give the resources a go, many thanks, best wishes!

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