5 Easy Ways To Get More Facebook Fans

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5 Easy Ways To Get More Facebook FansMore and more businesses today are realizing the power of Facebook. Millions of people post every day on Facebook. As a social media giant, Facebook has the power to help you grow your business with massive exposure to a vast audience for little to no charge.

The key is to get more eyeballs to your Company fan page. So, how do you do that?

In today’s article, I share with you five strategies you can use to get more fans to your Company fan page to increase the exposure of your business on Facebook.  These are the strategies that we have observed being used by the companies that currently have the largest number of fans on Facebook. Denise and I have just started to put these strategies to the test to grow our own social media presence, and they are working well for us so far.

Strategy 1: Interact With Your Audience Daily

Facebook is a great way to connect with others and build relationships. For example, you can ask questions that are interesting or controversial, post helpful tips, suggest links to articles or videos that your audience will like and share with others, and respond to other people’s comments. The key is to personally interact with your audience, ideally on a daily basis.

First impressions also matter when it comes to interacting with your audience. Post content that is eye-catching and visual. For example, post funny or interesting pictures with a tag line or quote placed on top of it. People want to be entertained.

Take for example how Denise and I do this. We sometimes post inspirational videos for people to watch and share with others. At the end of each video, the viewer can “like” the video and share with others on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networking sites. This is a great way to not only interact with your audience on a personal level but also to get more Facebook fans or people following you on other social networking sites.


If you haven’t watched one of these videos, then check it out on our Company Fan page and let us know what you think.  We would also appreciate it if you “Like” our page while you’re there.

You can also get more Facebook fans by holding a contest, which is the next strategy.

Strategy 2:  Hold A Contest

Holding a contest on Facebook can also increase your fans. You just need to make the contest easy and simple so that the fan will want to participate. After all, people love free stuff.

The contest can provide valuable customer information about your business, especially if you offer a relevant prize. Often times, business owners give away a popular item, like an iPad, instead of showcasing their own products and services. People are coming to your page because they want to learn more about your offer and your business.

For example, if you operate a car wash business, you could give away a number of free car washes to the winner of your contest. If you operate a bakery, you could give away a free cake or a free bakery item each month for a year. The prize you offer doesn’t have to be expensive but should it be relevant to your business.

When you create a contest on Facebook, you need to follow Facebook’s policies and guidelines so that you don’t get yourself in trouble with Facebook. For example, Facebook prohibits you from using the Facebook “Like” button as a way to enter a contest or to vote on a promotion.

You also can’t include any calls to action, such as “Don’t forget to vote” or “Tell your friends,” in your Timeline to incentivize people to participate in your contest. So before you create a contest on Facebook make sure that know what you can and cannot do.

Another strategy you can use to get more Facebook fans is through paid advertisements and/or featured posts.

Strategy 3:  Use Facebook Advertisements And Featured Posts

You can also build fans on Facebook by using paid advertisements and/or featured posts on your Company fan page. Paid advertisements are those advertisements that appear in the right-hand column of your page. You probably have seen these where Facebook gets paid to deliver your ad based upon who you want to see your ad.

For example, if you own a fitness club in a certain city, you can pay Facebook to deliver your ad based upon the location of your fitness club. If your fitness club is located in Indianapolis, then you can target the ad so that only people living in Indianapolis would see the ad, and not anyone else throughout the country.

You can also use featured posts in three different ways on your Company fan page to draw more attention to your business:

1.  Click on the “star” icon in your featured post to expand the size of the post to the entire width of your Timeline. This works really well when you have a picture that you want to expand across the entire width of both columns on your Timeline. See the screen capture below that illustrates this concept.

2.  Click on “pencil” icon in your featured post to pin the featured post to the top of your Timeline. You do this by clicking on the “Pin to Top” feature. Your post is then bookmarked so that it stays at the top of your Timeline for about seven days. Any other posts that you post on your Company fan page will then get pushed down in chronological order on your Timeline. See the screen capture below for an example of how to do this.


3.  Click the “Promote” button in your featured post. Facebook will then promote your featured post so that more people see it in news feeds. It costs $5 to get started.


Note that if you want to use the advanced targeting and other advertising features of Facebook, you can also set up featured post advertisements within the Facebook ad manager (instead of directly from the page you want to feature).

We are currently working on running some Facebook ads to grow our fan base using these advertising strategies. Once we have the results, we will report back to let you know what worked and what didn’t work. So stay tuned.

You can also invite personal friends to your Company fan page to help you get more Facebook fans.

Strategy 4:  Invite Personal Friends To Your Company Page

You should never forget to invite your personal friends to check out your Company fan page and to “Like” your page. This is a great way to bring people over from your personal page to your Company page. Often times, you may forget to do this one simple thing.

And, last but not least, you can add a Facebook “Like” box to your web site and include share buttons in your emails and other communications to your audience.

Strategy 5:  Add A Facebook Like Box And Share Buttons

You can put a Facebook “Like” box on your web site, similar to what we have done on ThrivingBusiness.com. The “Like” box tells visitors to your web site where they can find you on Facebook.

You can also include share buttons in your emails and other communications to make it easy for others to “Like” you on Facebook. Both of these ways will help you to increase your Facebook fans.

So, now you have 5 great strategies to put into action to help you get more Facebook fans to your Company fan page. Try these strategies out and let Denise and I know how well they worked for you. If you have even better ones to suggest, we’re open to hearing those too.  We always appreciate your feedback and ideas.

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*Originally published as Issue # 159 – January 29, 2013

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