3 Ways To Train Your Brain To Stay Focused

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tasks_270Staying focused can be tough! When you have a lot on your plate, it can be easy to feel distracted and pulled in a lot of different directions…

And when this happens, you may find yourself spending your time on things that aren’t as important as others.

So to help you stay on task and accomplish what you need to get done, here are 3 of my best tips for training your brain to focus:

1) Use your calendar

If your goal is to exercise on a regular basis for example, set aside a specific time of day that you’re going to get to it.

So instead of saying, “I’ll workout when I have time,” tell yourself, “This week I’ll exercise on Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm” and then schedule it into your calendar.

By mentally setting in stone a specific time to do something that’s important to you, chances are higher that you’ll make it a priority as other distractions arise.

2) Turn off technology

Electronics and gadgets are some of the biggest distractions around. So turn some of them off and set your brain up for success!

Let’s say one of your goals is to start meditating 10 minutes a day. In order to do this, you need to create a quiet space where you can hear your own thoughts. Turn off the TV, shut off your computer, and put your phone ringer on silent. This allows your brain to focus 100% on the task at hand.

3) Regroup before moving to your next task

When you’re switching gears from one task to another, consider taking a moment to allow your brain to “reset” and regroup.

This doesn’t have to take a long time – it can be as simple as taking a minute to close your eyes and taking a few cleansing breaths.

So for example, if you’re at work and you’ve just completed an assignment or just got out of a meeting, before rushing on to your next task, take a minute to gather your thoughts to prepare yourself for your next thing.

By giving yourself a second to prepare for your next task, you’ll be more clear headed and focused towards completing it.

So ZONE IN, focus and kick butt! I believe in you & I hope you try out some or all of my tips above :-)

Natalie Ledwell, co-founder of Mind Movies, is a Law of Attraction evangelist who positively impacts the lives of millions of people every day by empowering them to achieve their dreams through creating a personal “digital” vision board or Mind Movie to invoke the principles of The Law of Attraction. In 2006, Natalie experienced a life changing epiphany when she watched a movie called The Secret. This led her down an inspired path of Law of Attraction research and application. Now, Natalie lives a life beyond her wildest imagination. She lives an endless summer between San Diego and Sydney, travels the world, (she just got back from a Safari in Africa) and is passionately fulfilling her mission of making a positive difference around the world.  Click here to learn more about Natalie’s story and to get some great gifts she has for you.

* Originally published as Issue #200 on May 7, 2013

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