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Your Free Certification Training contains everything you need to obtain and leverage your MBE/WBE certification, so you can increase sales to the US Government and Corporate America.

What is MBE/WBE Certification

Would you like billionaire clients who always pay on time? MBE and WBE Certifications can help.

Most local and national government purchasing agencies have programs for doing business with minority and/or women business owners. Many large corporations have similar programs.

MBE and WBE certification provides proof for purchasing agents that a company is in fact minority or woman owned.

If you are a qualifying business owner, you can gain a huge advantage by getting certified as soon as possible.

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“These certifications have made a big difference in how our company is amassing sales.”

—Kay Gallagher, Indiana

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—Lorri Lord, Indiana

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Your FREE Starter Kit Includes:

An eye-opening email training series that explains the benefits of obtaining minority, woman, and veteran-owned business certifications.

Lesson 1 provides a high level overview of how to obtain minority, woman, and veteran-owned business certifications. Lesson 1 also covers the four different types of certification.

Lesson 2 explains the differences between state, federal, and national certifications, and what these differences mean for your company. Lessons 3-5 explain each type of certification in more detail.

Lesson 6 discusses how to use these certifications to increase your chances of landing the U.S. government and large corporations as billionaire clients who always pay on time.

Your FREE Starter Kit Includes: