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Surprising Ways To Partner With Apple

Apple is famous for selling music and iPhone apps.  People, including children, all over the world have an Apple account and can download a new app or song with just a few clicks. But most small businesses don’t realize that Apple is also an amazing sales channel for business products, even if you’re not a software company. Read More

10 Surprising Things You Can Do With A Smartphone

In the last several years, smartphone usage has been on the rise. As of September of 2012, 45 percent of adults now use a smartphone and 66 percent of young adults between 18 and 29 own a smartphone. In this fast-paced age of information, we all want to stay in touch and informed, and our smartphones help us do just that. Read More

10 Steps To Creating Highly Successful Podcasts

Over the years, podcasting has grown into a mainstream way of communicating information. A podcast is basically audio (or video) content streamed over the Internet to listeners in a series of episodes. The beauty of podcasting is listeners can download the content and listen to it later. Benefits include brand exposure to a wider audience, credibility, and free advertising. Read More

The Secret Weapon Of The Rich

You have probably wished at some point in your business or life that there were 25 hours in a day. Let’s face it, there are days that no matter what you do, you simply can’t get everything done that you wanted to. If this sounds like you, then you are not alone. Many business owners feel overwhelmed at one point or another in their business. Read More

Self-Driving Cars Are Almost Here

As preparation for my mastermind meeting a few months ago, I was asked to watch a documentary by famous scientist and inventor Raymond Kurzweil about the future of technology, and a concept called Singularity. The idea behind Singularity is that there may be a point in the future where computers and humans can intersect, and where it will become difficult to determine whether something is human or computer. Read More

Are You Using QR Codes Yet?

Last Saturday morning while out running errands, I drove past an office building and something caught my eye. It was a giant QR code affixed inside a glass panel at the entrance of an office building. Quick Response codes (or better known as QR codes) are popping up everywhere. These tiny black and white pixilated square boxes are the latest way to advertise your business without spending a dime. Read More

4 Secrets To Building Your Own Empire

By using the power of leverage, you can grow your business exponentially. Leverage allows you to use other people or resources in a way that produces far more results than the amount of effort you have to expend. Leverage is one of the secret weapons that the wealthiest people use to grow any type of business that they ever start. And leverage can be your secret weapon too. Read More

How To Get Free Advertising With QR Codes

Have you ever seen an image like the one below and thought, “what is this”? Well, these tiny black and white pixilated square boxes are called “QR codes”, which stands for “Quick Response Codes”, and they can help you grow your business. To read a QR code, you just need a smartphone with a camera connected to it and a QR code reader application installed on your phone. Read More

The Best Free Advertising Sources Available Today

Mobile devices are everywhere, which makes it easier for people all over the world to place orders from the smallest of devices.  But these same mobile devices are also shaping the way people “spend money” for products and services. It’s tough to enter your credit card and billing info onto a tiny little screen. Read More

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