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3 Super Simple Habits To Improve Your Health

Humans are creatures of habit. Once we get set in a routine, we tend to stick to it like a hamster on a wheel… for better and for worse.  But bad habits – from neglecting those around us, to biting our fingernails, from watching too much TV to nighttime binges – often have a side effect of guilt and disappointment. Read More

Your Fat Loss Potential And A Swift Kick In The Butt

Every once in a while you need a swift kick in the butt to get you back on track and living to your full potential. I recently received a kick in the butt from my mentor and coach Deb Micek. She actually called me ‘WEAK’, can you believe that? Not weak physically, but mentally. I was coasting through life and she let me know it. Are you ready for your butt kicking? Read More

Fun Fitness And Motivation

When you are attempting to get from point A to point B it makes sense to take the path of least resistance. In our fast paced, time crunched society most of us would be grateful for any opportunity to arrive at our destination faster. But there’s a price that we are paying for this type of mindset? Read More

The Most Toxic Pile Of Crap Ever – ‘Teen Mom’

Today, I learned about a show on MTV called ‘Teen Mom.’ I hardly ever watch TV (and for good reason). So I’m not very “clued in” when it comes to whatever pop-culture crap that kids are watching these days. This show has been running for a couple seasons and apparently has some pretty high rankings. It’s one of those “reality” shows that follow the lives of teenage pregnant girls. Read More

When Life Pushes, Push Back

I read a really great (but sad) article today. The best line from that article: “A little push today turns into a big life  tomorrow.” That hit me really hard today. I’ve had friends like the JB in that article. Some people just have demons. We all have some. The lesson I really took from that article is that all that matters each day is to push. Read More

Hot Dogs, Root Beer, And Peeling Potatoes Made Me Who I Am

At the age of 12, I proudly became a potato peeler. Every summer, I would go to the local drive-in six days a week to scrub and peel potatoes. Yes, read that again. At TWELVE YEARS OLD, I had a full time job. I felt like I was in heaven. Most kids today would whine and complain about that, even if they were paid a lot of money. Read More

Ensuring That Your Business Passes The “Human Test”

Four years ago when my daughter Mikaela was just ten years old she was given an assignment for school. She was to write a story about what she would do if she was given a piece of land. When I came home from the office, she asked me if I would read her story to make sure it was okay. I said, “Of course… I’ll do it after dinner. Read More

A Healthy Way To Increase Productivity

I’m Denise and Jynell’s friend and fellow product marketer Scott Tousignant. This week I am enjoying my role as guest author here at Thriving Business and introducing you to the positive impact that home office fitness will have on your business. Many corporations have been adopting workplace fitness as a means of increasing productivity with their employees. Read More

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