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How To Get 1 Million Viewers in 48 Hours (For Free)

My brother, David Ward, is a talented videographer, producer, and director, and has helped me and Jynell with a lot of our videos.  He lives in Austin, the second film capital of the world.  I’ll never forget the time David called me, full of excitement, to update me on how one of his videos that he posted on YouTube has gotten over 2 million views in just 10 days. Read More

The Easiest Way To Broadcast Your Message For Free

At a recent conference, I noticed a gentleman walking around with a video camera talking to the attendees. The gentleman was asking a number of people if they would provide a brief testimonial of why they liked working with this business and its quality of service. The guy then walked up to me and asked that I do the same. Read More

Using YouTube To Market Your Business

Today, millions of people watch videos on YouTube. It’s fun, educational and entertaining, while at the same time informative. It literally has become a part of our every day lives. As a business owner, YouTube is a powerful marketing tool to use to increase sales for your business. You can gain exposure for your business, build your brand, and attract customers to your web site with only one click. Read More

Hollywood Video Secrets Revealed…

Jynell and I have talked in other newsletters about how video sites like YouTube provide everyone the chance to broadcast their message worldwide…and have shared some strategies on how to best leverage these opportunities to grow your business. So unless you have been living in a case, you are already well aware of how popular online video has become. Read More

How To Dominate Page #1 of Google with YouTube

If you are like the rest of us, you have probably watched tons of videos on YouTube. From watching crazy animal tricks, childish pranks, outrageous stunts, to spoofs, YouTube literally captures it all. It’s a place where you can laugh at others, learn how to play golf, watch your favorite music video, and even watch breaking news reports, like the death of Whitney Houston this past week. Read More

Part 2: How To Generate Multiple Streams of Income

We appreciate all of the people who replied back asking for additional ideas on how to create multiple streams of income. We also appreciate everyone who replied back to share some great strategies with us. So in today’s issue, I am going to continue this discussion to give you 5 more streams of income to consider for yourself and/or your business. Read More

Your Crystal Ball To Market Research

Marketing your business in more than one channel is extremely important if you truly want to grow your business. This is especially true if you know what customers are looking for. Wouldn’t it be nice to rub a crystal ball to see exactly where the market is heading? Well, what if I told you can do just that? It’s called market research. Read More

Is Traditional Marketing Dead?

In several previous issues, Jynell and I have covered dozens of different strategies you can use to market your business in multiple channels.  You have heard us say before how important it is that you advertise in multiple types of advertising mediums if you truly want to grow your business. Read More

3 Strategies To Increase Your Business Exposure

Everything we do is being recorded digitally for access by future generations.  Just think about it, whatever products you sell, what your web sites look like, what others say about you, and what you say about others are being recorded and archived. This means that your children, grandchildren, customers and potential customers will all see what difference you did or not didn’t make. Read More

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