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Facebook Fakers And Other Social Media Shockers

“You do what?” I asked Cathy, a young lady who had just informed me that her occupation was teaching people how to be authentic on Facebook and Twitter. “That’s right, I teach people – more specifically, women – how to be themselves on social networking sites. That way they can connect and really bond with their customers… which of course helps them make more money. Read More

21 Ways To Get More Website Traffic

Website traffic is the #1 thing separating the lions from the lambs. Those who have it thrive and those who don’t, fall to the wayside. But it’s important that you don’t treat all traffic the same. After more than a billion ad impressions and several million clicks to my sites, I’ve learned that there are good website traffic tactics and bad ones. Read More

Why Traditional Publishers Suck…(Sorry Wiley!)

Do you ever dream of getting your book published with a big publisher like Wiley or Harper Collins? Here’s my advice.  Don’t waste your time. There’s a much easier and profitable path to book publishing these days than dealing with the big publishers. Let me explain. I have been published 8 times with a traditional publisher: Wiley (and their predecessor Wrox Press). Read More

How To Measure The ROI Of Your Facebook Fans

I don’t know what everyone is fuss’n about. Measuring the ROI of your Facebook fans is actually not that hard. In fact, I’m worried this article might end up too short. Things You’ll Need: 1.  Google Analytics 2.  PixelTrakk (or equivalent link tracking tool) 3.  Spreadsheet Collecting The Data First, make sure that there is a Google Analytics code on every page of your site. Read More

How To Get 1 Million Viewers in 48 Hours (For Free)

My brother, David Ward, is a talented videographer, producer, and director, and has helped me and Jynell with a lot of our videos.  He lives in Austin, the second film capital of the world.  I’ll never forget the time David called me, full of excitement, to update me on how one of his videos that he posted on YouTube has gotten over 2 million views in just 10 days. Read More

How To Monetize Your Facebook Posts

More and more businesses today are realizing the power of social media. What once was a hub for friends to exchange personal information is now the new way for businesses to network and market their products and services. A great example of this is Facebook. Millions and millions of people post every day on Facebook. Read More

The Easiest Way To Broadcast Your Message For Free

At a recent conference, I noticed a gentleman walking around with a video camera talking to the attendees. The gentleman was asking a number of people if they would provide a brief testimonial of why they liked working with this business and its quality of service. The guy then walked up to me and asked that I do the same. Read More

Surprising Ways To Partner With Apple

Apple is famous for selling music and iPhone apps.  People, including children, all over the world have an Apple account and can download a new app or song with just a few clicks. But most small businesses don’t realize that Apple is also an amazing sales channel for business products, even if you’re not a software company. Read More

10 Surprising Things You Can Do With A Smartphone

In the last several years, smartphone usage has been on the rise. As of September of 2012, 45 percent of adults now use a smartphone and 66 percent of young adults between 18 and 29 own a smartphone. In this fast-paced age of information, we all want to stay in touch and informed, and our smartphones help us do just that. Read More

10 Steps To Creating Highly Successful Podcasts

Over the years, podcasting has grown into a mainstream way of communicating information. A podcast is basically audio (or video) content streamed over the Internet to listeners in a series of episodes. The beauty of podcasting is listeners can download the content and listen to it later. Benefits include brand exposure to a wider audience, credibility, and free advertising. Read More

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