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Beer: The Simple Way To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Managing expectations. It’s something we all know is crucial to customer satisfaction. Every client arrives at a transaction with an expectation of what they will receive, and how we manage that expectation makes the difference between them leaving the transaction satisfied or frustrated. But how much time do we really spend thinking about how to effectively manage those expectations from the outset? Read More

The Surprising Reason You Aren’t Reaching Your Goals

Pssssst… have you heard… That one of the fastest ways to lower your vibration is to gossip? Chit chatting about others may seem harmless, but in reality, it can have some very detrimental repercussions. And sometimes we can be gossiping about others without even realizing it! So let me ask you- do you ever find yourself speaking about others in less than a positive light? Well, that’s gossip. Read More

How To Get More Customers

Here’s the situation. You want to be an entrepreneur and start a new business because you know that this is the fastest way to building wealth. Mark Ford has told you so in his many books and essays. You know that you have a good idea, but how on earth do you get customers when starting from scratch? Well, the correct answers are rarely the ones you want to hear. Read More

How A Few Magic Minutes Will Change Your Life

It’s not easy to be focused for a week, a month or longer – but it is easy to be focused for a day. It’s around this time of year that most New Year’s resolutions made with great intent and enthusiasm will have been broken.  Diets started and not followed through, smokers still smoking, exercises regimes unfilled. Read More

Make Me An Offer I Can’t Refuse

“Why are you so upset?” my husband asked. “Because this woman has been online and in the marketing world for two years and she is teaching people things that are incorrect,” I replied. “It drives me crazy!” Yes, I will admit it – it makes me freaking nuts when I see this kind of irresponsibility. And, I see it all too often. Read More

Get More For Less

Does this sound familiar? You hit the ground running at 6 a.m. (almost literally) and you don’t stop until midnight. That’s the prototypical busy executive’s schedule these days. And it’s virtually all wrong. Up at 6 a.m., they drag themselves out of bed to hit the road for an hour of jogging. Read More

What’s Really Important To You – Your Money or Your Life?

Think about it.  Most people go through life consumed by the day to day and they seldom take time to reflect on what‘s really truly important to them.  When they’re asked what would make them happier, a common response is ‘more money’. Many people consider having lots of money, in other words wealth, as being their route to happiness and a better life. Read More

How Giving Can Make You Rich

Not too long ago, I watched a fascinating presentation by the inimitable Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary was born in the former Soviet Union and his father brought their family to America where nine family members lived in a studio apartment while his father pursued the American Dream. Read More

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