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Three Secrets To Growing Any Business

You have most likely heard the expression: “Build it and they will come”. This phrase is referring to a business that releases a product or service that just magically sells itself. This sounds great in theory, but products and services don’t just sell themselves automatically. Read More

The Right Way To Deal With Copycats

Have you ever been searching for something online, and found something that looked way too similar to one of your works?  If so, you probably got a sick feeling in your stomach and felt like you got totally ripped off. The question then becomes, what do you do when it looks like someone has ripped off your content or your idea? Read More

How To Create Profitable Brand Names (And Stay Out Of Legal Trouble)

A simple way to increase your sales while also growing the value of your business is by using creative names for your business, products, services, and strategies. Have you ever noticed that some product names draw you in and make you want to buy them just from the name alone, such as “6-minute abs”, “Priceline – name your own price”, or “the 20 minute orgasm”? Read More

What You Don’t Know That Can Hurt

There are many businesses that find themselves in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for business practices that used to be acceptable, and that seem very innocent. Can you imagine having your bank account frozen by the government, or facing a federal lawsuit for something that you didn’t even know you were doing wrong.  It has happened, and continues to happen to many businesses. Read More

The Building Blocks of Your Business

As a child, I remember sitting on the floor with my three brothers one Christmas playing with a new Lego set that my older brother got from Santa. We played for hours building a spaceship, a car, a skyscraper and, of course, for me a horse.  We built just about anything we could imagine. And, the best part, our creations always stayed together. They never fell down. Read More

Finding My Tooth Brush

On Monday, June 20, 2011, just a few short weeks ago, my life changed in a single instant.  My beautiful award-winning home was struck by lightening, and caught fire.  The firemen rushed me, my 5 year old daughter, and my husband out of the home.  They gave us 1 minute to grab what was most important to us. Read More