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How A Few Magic Minutes Will Change Your Life

It’s not easy to be focused for a week, a month or longer – but it is easy to be focused for a day. It’s around this time of year that most New Year’s resolutions made with great intent and enthusiasm will have been broken.  Diets started and not followed through, smokers still smoking, exercises regimes unfilled. Read More

7 Recession Recovery Tips

Most financial analysts claim our country’s economy is on the mend, but many people haven’t felt that yet.  Maybe you’re one of these folks.  If so, there are a few basic steps you can take to speed up your personal recovery. 1.  Make (And Stick To) A Budget A budget isn’t a straight jacket for your wallet. Read More

The Notorious “2 Lists” To Life & Biz

Howdy… Here’s a quick bit of wisdom ripped from the ongoing coaching in the current Simple Writing System program. It’s actually a tactic I’ve been sharing with consulting clients and mastermind colleagues for decades.  I haul it out whenever someone expresses frustration on what next decision to make. Key point: It doesn’t matter what the situation is. Read More

Rainbows And Fuzzy Bunnies Don’t Exist In Business

It’s so crazy how life programs us. Somehow we go from playing with toys to being an “adult”. So boring!  Adulthood can be hard. You have to make painful decisions and do things like pay bills. Yuck and yuck! When we are kids, rainbows, bunnies, unicorns, magic tricks, and all kinds of happy things drive us to imagine. Somehow that all gets lost in business nearly 100% of the time. Read More

The Not-So-Secret Recipe

In 1985, his father died, leaving behind a neighborhood tavern that was losing money and a mountain of debt accumulated keeping the joint open. John juggled it with the opening of a new, hopefully better business – a pizzeria. It is the 3rd largest pizza chain, behind Dominos and Pizza Hut, with $3-billion in annual revenue. Papa John’s. Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. John Schnatter aka. Read More

When Life Pushes, Push Back

I read a really great (but sad) article today. The best line from that article: “A little push today turns into a big life  tomorrow.” That hit me really hard today. I’ve had friends like the JB in that article. Some people just have demons. We all have some. The lesson I really took from that article is that all that matters each day is to push. Read More

Hot Dogs, Root Beer, And Peeling Potatoes Made Me Who I Am

At the age of 12, I proudly became a potato peeler. Every summer, I would go to the local drive-in six days a week to scrub and peel potatoes. Yes, read that again. At TWELVE YEARS OLD, I had a full time job. I felt like I was in heaven. Most kids today would whine and complain about that, even if they were paid a lot of money. Read More

How To Demand More Money – And Get It

Over a decade ago, when I first left graduate school with my Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from McMaster University’s School of Human Biodynamics, I worked a J-O-B in the nutritional sciences industry. The pay was good for a young, single man living in the big city, and I enjoyed the work. Read More

How To Get More Done

In order to squeeze the most productivity out of your day – so that you have the satisfaction of accomplishment, rather than the dreaded feeling of another ‘lost day’ – you really need to have a plan. And the plan not only shows you what you should be doing, but what you need to avoid as well. Read More

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