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7 Recession Recovery Tips

Most financial analysts claim our country’s economy is on the mend, but many people haven’t felt that yet.  Maybe you’re one of these folks.  If so, there are a few basic steps you can take to speed up your personal recovery. 1.  Make (And Stick To) A Budget A budget isn’t a straight jacket for your wallet. Read More

“My Default Answer Is No!”

Today is Q&A day. We’ll be doing these from time to time to answer all your burning questions. Here are a few of the hottest questions we’ve seen in the last few weeks. Question: What’s your number one problem in your business and how did you solve it? Answer: This one is EASY. My number one biggest problem has always been focus. Read More

How To Measure The ROI Of Your Facebook Fans

I don’t know what everyone is fuss’n about. Measuring the ROI of your Facebook fans is actually not that hard. In fact, I’m worried this article might end up too short. Things You’ll Need: 1.  Google Analytics 2.  PixelTrakk (or equivalent link tracking tool) 3.  Spreadsheet Collecting The Data First, make sure that there is a Google Analytics code on every page of your site. Read More

How To Demand More Money – And Get It

Over a decade ago, when I first left graduate school with my Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from McMaster University’s School of Human Biodynamics, I worked a J-O-B in the nutritional sciences industry. The pay was good for a young, single man living in the big city, and I enjoyed the work. Read More

Money, money, money, money…

Howdy… Let’s talk about money. Do you have enough? Do you know how much “enough” is, for you? Most folks are pretty clueless about moolah.  They desire it, they fear it, they respect and hate and love it… and they assign all kinds of magical powers to it. Read More

5 Secrets To Negotiating Better Deals On Everything

The high cost of living today is enough to get on anyone’s nerves, especially when you live on a budget. One of the best ways to offset this trend is to learn the art of negotiation. Negotiating a better deal on the cost of services and prices was a fairly common practice in the past. With some effort on your part, negotiating can serve you the same purpose today. Read More

Part 2: Your Journey to Financial Freedom

Click here to read Part 1 of this article. Four Ways to Access Money There are only four ways to access capital: 1. Borrow it – You can borrow the money from another person, usually done in the form of a promissory note. You can borrow the money from a bank in the form of a loan or line of credit. Read More

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