Articles byStefan Wissenbach

How A Few Magic Minutes Will Change Your Life

It’s not easy to be focused for a week, a month or longer – but it is easy to be focused for a day. It’s around this time of year that most New Year’s resolutions made with great intent and enthusiasm will have been broken.  Diets started and not followed through, smokers still smoking, exercises regimes unfilled. Read More

Feel Good, Do Good

It’s much easier to do good when we feel good. In terms of the results we achieve in life, I think the reverse is also true – if you feel bad, you don’t tend to get the results you’re capable of achieving. So, how do you help yourself feel good? Read More

What’s Really Important To You – Your Money or Your Life?

Think about it.  Most people go through life consumed by the day to day and they seldom take time to reflect on what‘s really truly important to them.  When they’re asked what would make them happier, a common response is ‘more money’. Many people consider having lots of money, in other words wealth, as being their route to happiness and a better life. Read More