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The Biggest Business Lie Finally Exposed…

Have you ever seen those TV commercials where that guy wearing the funny outfit says that you can get a grant to buy a car, pay off your credit cards, or buy a house? Well, most of that is total B.S… …as you probably already figured out. That’s why you don’t see very many grant advertisements any more – because the federal government shut down all the scammers. Read More

How To Obtain Billionaire Clients Who Always Pay On Time

Let me ask you an important question today. Do you have any billionaire clients? Most people don’t, and they have no clue how to go about getting their first billionaire client. Today, I’m going to show you how to land your first billionaire client.  Denise and I have both done it many times. I think you’ll be surprised at what I’m going to share with you. Read More

From Emergency Room To Frank Kern’s Office

The human brain sure works in mysterious ways. Here’s a perfect example. In 2006, I had my first grand mal seizure.  Having never been diagnosed with seizures as a child or even having the medical history in my family, this came as a surprise. I later learned that the seizures were caused by mold that was in my house that I had remodeled and moved into in 1999. Read More

Hippies Need Not Apply

Not trying to offend any hippies. OK, maybe a little.  But I know I’ll never be a vegetarian. I mean, really. How can you NOT love bacon???!!! There’s really only one thing better than bacon… And that’s bacon, wrapped in bacon.  MMMMMMM!!!  So what the hell does this have to do with anything? I don’t really know, actually. It’s early here and I haven’t had my breakfast yet. Read More

Come To Our Yard Sale

Have you ever had a yard sale or at least gone to a yard sale? Every summer when I was growing up, we would spent countless hours preparing for our huge yard sale. My mother would organize this not only for our family, but also for other neighbors who lived close by to us. Read More

“My Default Answer Is No!”

Today is Q&A day. We’ll be doing these from time to time to answer all your burning questions. Here are a few of the hottest questions we’ve seen in the last few weeks. Question: What’s your number one problem in your business and how did you solve it? Answer: This one is EASY. My number one biggest problem has always been focus. Read More

How To Be A Total Badass

It’s funny how serendipity plays into life so often. I’m gonna continue the theme from Denise’s email yesterday. I read a pretty revealing blog today. It made my day and I think it will yours, too. It’s pretty hard-edged in style and language, so if you are easily offended: 1) Get over it. Life is too short to be so prudish. 2) Read number 1. Read More

Rainbows And Fuzzy Bunnies Don’t Exist In Business

It’s so crazy how life programs us. Somehow we go from playing with toys to being an “adult”. So boring!  Adulthood can be hard. You have to make painful decisions and do things like pay bills. Yuck and yuck! When we are kids, rainbows, bunnies, unicorns, magic tricks, and all kinds of happy things drive us to imagine. Somehow that all gets lost in business nearly 100% of the time. Read More

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