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6 Cheat Sheets To Writing The Best Headlines Ever

The buck stops at the headline… Literally! Your email marketing, salesletters, tweets, status updates, blog posts, they all hinge on your ability to write a great headline. If you can’t write a good headline, the game is over before it even began! The email doesn’t get opened, the blog post doesn’t get read, and the  tweet doesn’t get shared. Read More

21 Ways To Get More Website Traffic

Website traffic is the #1 thing separating the lions from the lambs. Those who have it thrive and those who don’t, fall to the wayside. But it’s important that you don’t treat all traffic the same. After more than a billion ad impressions and several million clicks to my sites, I’ve learned that there are good website traffic tactics and bad ones. Read More

How To Measure The ROI Of Your Facebook Fans

I don’t know what everyone is fuss’n about. Measuring the ROI of your Facebook fans is actually not that hard. In fact, I’m worried this article might end up too short. Things You’ll Need: 1.  Google Analytics 2.  PixelTrakk (or equivalent link tracking tool) 3.  Spreadsheet Collecting The Data First, make sure that there is a Google Analytics code on every page of your site. Read More