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How To Win An Argument In 3 Easy Steps

“Mongo just pawn in game of life.” (Blazing Saddles.) Howdy… Recently, I published a series of posts on Facebook under the theme “How To Win An Argument”. Over the week it ran, there was a vast and animated flurry of comments and interactions — the posts hit a nerve. Read More

The Notorious “2 Lists” To Life & Biz

Howdy… Here’s a quick bit of wisdom ripped from the ongoing coaching in the current Simple Writing System program. It’s actually a tactic I’ve been sharing with consulting clients and mastermind colleagues for decades.  I haul it out whenever someone expresses frustration on what next decision to make. Key point: It doesn’t matter what the situation is. Read More


Howdy. Nice, short article here today. In keeping with the theme “KISS.” Veteran entrepreneurs recognize this, of course, as an acronym of “Keep It Simple, Stupid“… easily some of the best biz advice I ever received in my long career. Read More

Money, money, money, money…

Howdy… Let’s talk about money. Do you have enough? Do you know how much “enough” is, for you? Most folks are pretty clueless about moolah.  They desire it, they fear it, they respect and hate and love it… and they assign all kinds of magical powers to it. Read More