Articles byFabienne Frederickson

Hire The Right People To Multiply Your Business

Today’s strategy is how to hire effectively. I want to be really transparent with you on this topic. We hired our first full time, in-person employee three years ago and she’s still with us, which is so great. However, a lot of the people that we hired afterward are no longer working for our company. That’s because we hired very ineffectively. Read More

Become The Problem Solver To Attract More Ideal Clients

You’ve got to get clear on your clients’ biggest issues. Why? Very simple–the more you know what your ideal clients are struggling with, the more you can position yourself as their problem solver. Talking about your process or your results is really good when it comes to marketing but results are based on your clients’ biggest issues and struggles. Read More

How To Attract More Clients (Plus A Special Gift)

Today I want to talk to you about content. Content is king. Content is everything. I want to drill into your consciousness today that you want to become the master of High Content, High Value. There are so many reasons to offer high content, high value–not only in your marketing, but also in your offerings. One of the reasons is that there is a lot of fluff out there from your competitors. Read More

Prosperity Comes From Overcoming Fear (So Do Clients)

“Until one is released, step by step or all at once, from the roots of fear-based thinking, no amount of Mo-ney will give prosperity. This is fact…” -Anonymous Even though I’m totally unplugged from what’s going on in the world, by choice, stuff is still trickling in. You see, I’ve made a conscious choice for years not to listen to the news, read the papers or listen to talk radio. Read More

How To Handle Your Prospects’ Objections

All prospects have some form of resistance when buying a program, product or service. If they didn’t have reservations, they would have signed up already so it becomes your job to handle those objections and move that prospect from just being curious to being a believer and ultimately a buyer. There are two ways to do this–either handle it verbally or on paper. Either way it’s a form of selling. Read More