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The Night I Almost Died…

Have you ever noticed that there are some things that simply cannot be explained by the physical world? Let me give you an example from something that happened to me. About 20 years ago, when my grandmother died (my dad’s mother), I rode with my dad in his car from Indiana down to Arkansas to attend her funeral. Read More

Why Traditional Publishers Suck…(Sorry Wiley!)

Do you ever dream of getting your book published with a big publisher like Wiley or Harper Collins? Here’s my advice.  Don’t waste your time. There’s a much easier and profitable path to book publishing these days than dealing with the big publishers. Let me explain. I have been published 8 times with a traditional publisher: Wiley (and their predecessor Wrox Press). Read More

Eating Brains For Fun And Profit

One of my old marketing friends, Matt Trainer, wrote a really great post the other day. It had an impact on me and I wanted to share it. He’s agreed to let me share it in full here. But first… —–COMMERCIAL BREAK—— We are still holding our online “yard sale”. Read More

The Most Toxic Pile Of Crap Ever – ‘Teen Mom’

Today, I learned about a show on MTV called ‘Teen Mom.’ I hardly ever watch TV (and for good reason). So I’m not very “clued in” when it comes to whatever pop-culture crap that kids are watching these days. This show has been running for a couple seasons and apparently has some pretty high rankings. It’s one of those “reality” shows that follow the lives of teenage pregnant girls. Read More

Embrace Your Ugly Duckling

You are a flawed creature. We all are. We have doubts. We cry. We fail. We have issues with our parents. With our family. We are all scared. We all have some form of ugly duckling. We are human. Accept yourself as who you are, warts and all. /——COMMERCIAL BREAK——-/ Get your online money machine starting TODAY! What the heck are you waiting for? Go here NOW! Read More

Why Do YOU Lie So Much?

I just read a statistic that people lie an average of 10-200 times a day. That’s a lot of lies, even if they are all just “little white lies”. So why do we do it? I think it’s because deep inside we are scared to death. We are scared that people will see us for who we really are and not like us. Read More

When Life Pushes, Push Back

I read a really great (but sad) article today. The best line from that article: “A little push today turns into a big life  tomorrow.” That hit me really hard today. I’ve had friends like the JB in that article. Some people just have demons. We all have some. The lesson I really took from that article is that all that matters each day is to push. Read More

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