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Leading The Pack Even When You’re Out-Ranked And Out-Gunned

“Leadership depends more upon the man than the rank.”  - Harold Geneen .  For good or bad, I consider myself fortunate to have missed the Vietnam experience.  But I’ve talked to enough vets to know that “fragging” was much more common than the public knew; meaning, grunts shooting their leader in the back. This demonstrates that rank doesn’t necessarily guarantee respect.  The same thing is true in less deadly situations. Read More

The Narrow Path

Government does not work because it is more about royalty remaining royalty than it is about results, so the only time it gets anything of real importance accomplished is in moments of severe crisis, when all the royals are equally threatened. Business works – when it works – because of an opposite operating system. Read More

The Not-So-Secret Recipe

In 1985, his father died, leaving behind a neighborhood tavern that was losing money and a mountain of debt accumulated keeping the joint open. John juggled it with the opening of a new, hopefully better business – a pizzeria. It is the 3rd largest pizza chain, behind Dominos and Pizza Hut, with $3-billion in annual revenue. Papa John’s. Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. John Schnatter aka. Read More

Oh The Dreadful Banality Of It All

“When someone is successful, there is always a feeling they were lucky. Luck plays a part, sure, but you must have iron discipline and energy and hunger and desire” – Faye Dunaway WELL, THIS WILL BE DISAPPOINTING. Geez, another one. You may or may not be familiar with the comedian, Chelsea Handler. Read More

On Achievement, Prosperity, And Envy

Oscar Wilde said: “It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating.” There’s nothing wrong with both, of course. Those who insist that money doesn’t buy happiness are usually short on money, ignorant of means of getting any, and selling their philosophy hard because misery loves company. Mark Twain wrote that, actually, no one can stand prosperity – another man’s. Read More

Success Secrets “They Don’t Want You To Know”

There is a tendency amongst authors writing about ‘success’ – as well as entrepreneurs and CEO’s telling their success stories – to be warm ‘n fuzzy and present classically popular ideas palatable to the largest number of people. To say that nice guys win. That having a positive attitude and drawing little smiley faces above the i’s you dot will not only endear you to people but actually attract prosperity. Read More

How To Get Rich in “Un-Rich” Times

In the Renegade Millionaire System, I dispense this advice: #1: BE the Wizard; #2: BEWARE the Wizard. Wizards are very powerful, so it is better to be one than to be influenced by one. Everybody welcomes the convincing Mystic. People so desperately wish to Believe. Read More

5 UN-Creative Thoughts About Creativity

Entrepreneurs and marketers are constantly challenged to be creative. But creativity as it is commonly thought of and practiced is sin not virtue, because it is slow and ponderous; because it begins with a blank slate. One of the most profitably creative entrepreneurs of all time, Walt Disney, said “….stop talking and begin doing.”   To be profitable in the real world, creativity must be fast, decisive, practical, implementable and implemented. Read More

Watching The Clock?

The ‘secret’ reason long copy usually out-sells brief copy, and lengthy sales letters out-sell short ones is simply time. The longer the prospect stays in my store…. the more time he invests in my proposition, the more likely he is to buy. The best catalogs are designed to keep the person paging through them for the longest possible amount of time. Read More

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