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How To Get More Customers

Here’s the situation. You want to be an entrepreneur and start a new business because you know that this is the fastest way to building wealth. Mark Ford has told you so in his many books and essays. You know that you have a good idea, but how on earth do you get customers when starting from scratch? Well, the correct answers are rarely the ones you want to hear. Read More

The Fastest Way To Improve Your Life

Recently I suggested to members of my Facebook page to get up 15 minutes earlier each day to take advantage of the magic time. This is a point in the day where your mind’s creativity and lack of external disruptions combine to allow you to get more done than you could at any other time of the day. Read More

The Most Important 30 Minutes Of Your Day

The alarm clock gongs at 4am, even though I’ve already awoken naturally out of habit. This signals to Bally the Dog that it’s time to jump on my bed for a few minutes of morning belly rubbing before I get up and go immediately to the computer to spill the contents of my subconscious (I finished this article by 4:51am). Read More

Get More For Less

Does this sound familiar? You hit the ground running at 6 a.m. (almost literally) and you don’t stop until midnight. That’s the prototypical busy executive’s schedule these days. And it’s virtually all wrong. Up at 6 a.m., they drag themselves out of bed to hit the road for an hour of jogging. Read More

Avoiding The Dark Side Of Your Mind

Last week, I found myself at a swanky nightclub in New York City (don’t’ worry, I was home by 11pm!). I also found myself surrounded by prosperity. There were over 400 people on hand, including celebrity authors (like Tim Ferriss), some of the world’s top fitness experts, and dear friends on hand to celebrate the book launch of my sometimes business partners, John Romaniello and Adam Bornstein. Life is good. Read More

The Power of Goodwill

Imagine going into an Apple store, investing $900 in an iPhone (purchased without a contract), and still coming away feeling like you owe the company something. Sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. At least not according to ETR Publisher, Matt Smith. “I bought my iPhone out of my service contract, so it cost me almost $900. Read More

How Giving Can Make You Rich

Not too long ago, I watched a fascinating presentation by the inimitable Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary was born in the former Soviet Union and his father brought their family to America where nine family members lived in a studio apartment while his father pursued the American Dream. Read More

Turning Bad Into Beautiful

Late on a Friday afternoon is the worst time to receive an email containing bad news related to business. It leaves you with the entire weekend to think about the problem because it can’t be resolved until everyone returns to work on Monday. Unfortunately, I had this happen to me recently. Due to a boneheaded decision on my part, a joint venture partner and I had a falling out. Read More

How To Demand More Money – And Get It

Over a decade ago, when I first left graduate school with my Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from McMaster University’s School of Human Biodynamics, I worked a J-O-B in the nutritional sciences industry. The pay was good for a young, single man living in the big city, and I enjoyed the work. Read More

How To Get More Done

In order to squeeze the most productivity out of your day – so that you have the satisfaction of accomplishment, rather than the dreaded feeling of another ‘lost day’ – you really need to have a plan. And the plan not only shows you what you should be doing, but what you need to avoid as well. Read More

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